Headpiece , Beautiful alternative face mask,Futuristic Clothing,Head cover, Trending now.

White Sequins Mesh Headpiece, Beautiful Sequin face mask
Futuristic Clothing,
Head cover, Face mask,

Trending Now

Fabric- Sequins Mesh , very flexible. Durable and comfortable to wear. You can see very well trough the mesh.

Zipper on the back of the mask.

Suitable for Stage performance, party and more...

Available in any Sequins fabric you see on the items of this store.

Let me know if you need headpiece made from specific fabric, Ill do my best to find it for you.

One Size fits All how ever if you have a big hair or very big head measurements, please measure around the forehead with soft tape and send me your head diameter in purchase message.

Same goes for a kid size, please include head diameter in purchase message.

I can add Hole on the crown of the head so you can pull trough your ponytail .
I can add 2 Holes for 2 ponytails .
I can add Eye holes , Mouth hole, Face open.

SEND ME MESSAGE with request.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you

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