About US

Kikimora Fashion: Where Performance Meets Passion

Performances are expressions of your unique artistry. Kikimora Fashion creates stunning, stage-ready pieces designed to amplify your stage presence. Our meticulously crafted, high-quality, customizable costumes are made of vibrant fabrics, eye-catching patterns, and cuts that complement your curves. We understand that movement, comfort, and the ability to express your unique vision are just as crucial as looking fabulous.

From Stage to Studio: Olga Saretsky's Journey

Our founder, Olga Saretsky, always knew the power of the right costume firsthand. Her journey as a dancer began with a whirlwind of vibrant stages and thrilling performances across Eastern Europe. With each troupe, each new role, she longed to find costumes that were more than just fabric; designs that moved effortlessly as she did, adding boldness to ignite the stage.

However, the perfect pieces seemed out of reach, and the existing options available fell short of her artistic desires.

Inspired, she combined her passion for dance with her design skills. Her stage experience taught her the importance of movement, comfort, and aesthetics – and fueled her desire to create those transformative pieces for the entire world. Word of her designs spread quickly, and Kikimora Fashion was born in 2013. With a dedicated workspace, top-tier equipment, and a skilled team, Olga's vision has blossomed today.

Designed with You in Mind

Kikimora Fashion stands out in the world of performance wear. What sets us apart are:

  • True Performer's Insight: Our costumes are designed by a performer. This infuses every piece with a dancer's understanding of what catches the eye on stage and what feels amazing during movement.
  • Sustainable Style: Our commitment to repurposing fabric remnants into stylish accessories not only helps us do our bit for the environment but also lets us offer them to students and designers encouraging artistic expression. 
  • Personalized Support: It's not just about the outfit but the entire experience. From your first inspiration to the final fitting, we offer expert guidance and personalized attention because you are like family!

Kikimora Fashion embodies the philosophy of 'costumes designed by performers for performers'—an expertise that distinctively positions the brand. "Every client is like family to me," says Olga. We understand your unique vision, from the perfect color palette to the ideal silhouette. Our goal is to make that vision come to life with quality craftsmanship that delivers value for your artistic expression. Our team is here every step of the way, guiding you through the design of a costume that embodies your artistry and helps you create unforgettable stage moments.